Artworks by Carolina Escalante

About My Artworks

Art is in my DNA since I was 5 years old and I started painting, when my father gave me my first set of acrylic paints. From then until now, I share my artwork with the world with the aim of beautifying and giving meaning to life through art.

Each of my artistic pieces has been conceived with a deep emotional meaning, as a result of a process of change and personal transformation, but which does not stop reflecting the feelings and experiences of the collective. That is why, with the work you choose, you will always feel identified.

Each brushstroke, each stroke, is imbued with my inner being and my most intimate experiences. My artwork is an expression of my soul and a way to connect with the world around me. Through them, I seek to transmit emotions, provoke reflections and generate a deep connection with those who contemplate them.

Each work of art that I present is unique and special, since it arises from my process of personal growth and becomes a window to understanding and empathy towards the human being in general. My goal is that each person who comes across my works finds in them an identification and a sense of belonging, feeling that my art is also their art.

I am excited to share my passion for art and to bring beauty and meaning to people’s lives through my creations. Each work is a testament to my dedication, my love and my commitment to art as a form of universal communication and expression.

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