Makeup Art by Carolina Escalante

Discover the world of Art Makeup: where Art and Beauty intertwine. Fascinated by colors and shapes from a young age, I transform faces into living canvases. With a passion for artistic expression, I experiment with rich colors, textures, and materials to create unique designs. Art Makeups convey the beauty of life and inner emotions, forging an emotional connection with the world. Through daring and risk-taking, I seek to create harmonious, expressive aesthetics. Join me on this artistic journey, where makeup becomes a conduit for emotional connection and soul-baring creativity.


About My Art Makeup

In the realm of makeup, two words ignite my soul: Art and Beauty.

Since childhood, paintings, objects, and colors have mesmerized me. Hours were spent studying hues, shapes, and proportions, envisioning them on canvas. The fascination lingered, especially when I witnessed my mother don her makeup – those eyeshadow palettes were my mischievous canvas!

Now, armed with professional knowledge, I embark on The Art of Makeup, where harmonious aesthetics blend with femininity and expressiveness. Experimenting with daring colors and textures, my designs transcend the ordinary, crafting effects unmatched by conventional makeup.

With each brushstroke, I unite art materials – charcoal, acrylic paint, paper – elevating my creations into one-of-a-kind masterpieces. My Art Makeups transcend the surface; they become messengers of life’s beauty and inner splendor, painted upon the living canvas of faces and bodies.

Through this art, I weave emotions and sensations, evoking amazement and visual pleasure within the beholder. Everything becomes a muse, a state of mind, an image, or a fleeting feeling. Makeup, the gateway to my soul, forms an emotional bond with the world, an enduring connection of artistry and human spirit.

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